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Hedge and Ornamental Tree Trimming

Our team provides Hedge and Ornamental Tree Trimming to go beyond the basic yard maintenance and keep your bushes trimmed and manicured. We offer annual, quarterly and one time trims so you can decide how frequently you want us to stop by. We also can touch them up every time we service the lawn as well.

Hiring experienced landscaping services for these important tasks can mean the difference between vibrant plants and early deterioration. Our trained and experienced staff know exactly how much of the plant or tree is safe to prune. To ensure beauty and good health, all shrubs and ornamental plants will be trimmed as appropriate to the plant.

Plants, trees, and shrubs must be properly prepared for the dormant season. Fall landscape maintenance lays the foundation for a fruitful growing season. Leaving overgrown or dead branches and plants throughout the winter can allow the damage or even disease to spread. Our experienced lawn maintenance staff will assess your trees and shrubs for damage and health issues. This assessment forms the blueprint for the pruning and thinning to be performed. Since we have extensive experience with a wide variety of local species we are well-versed with plant systems and their growing cycles.

Crepe Myrtle

We Trim crepe myrtles as shown above in late February. We want to make sure that it has past the last frost so any new growth doesn’t get killed off. Often companies will trim these in the winter time. With our crazy hectic weather, a week of nice weather is enough time for these plants to think spring is coming so they start growing prematurely and get killed off when the freeze hits. We urge our clients to wait till late February to ensure the most growth for the upcoming season.

Tree Trimming

Do you need a full tree removed and stump ground down? We have one of the best-certified arborists in Memphis to do the job. With over 15 years in residential and commercial tree removal, we will make sure that the job is done safe and right for the health of the tree and safety of the people and homes around us. No job is too big or too small.