January 2019 Leaves

//January 2019 Leaves

January 2019 Leaves

Why Do We Clean Up Leaves?

Although cleaning your leaves up and getting your yard absolutely tidy during the fall and winter months is a great reason, this is not the only reason.

  • Appearance
  • Who doesn’t love a spotless lawn
  • Prevent Fungus, mold, grass insects and disease
  • Lawns need room to breathe and allow air, nutrients, and water in even during dormant months
  • Leaves create a canopy that can prevent future lawn growth in the spring months kind of like laying a blanket in the lawn
  • It creates moisture and heat that disease and bugs thrive in

How To Remove Them?

  • Yard Carts If Available
  • Bag them in cities that don’t provide removal services
  • Blow them to the curb for city removal if available. From November 1 – March 31 (In Bartlett)
  • Mulch up the leaves in your yard to add nutrients to the soil or bag them with your lawn mower
  • Call us! 901-235-3404


How Important Is This?

If you are the type of person that loves seeing your green lawn thrive in the spring, have your leaves picked up gradually throughout fall. We do an estimated 6 leaf cleanups per the fall season. This makes it easier for you or your lawn provider and also cheaper in many cases vs. waiting till February or March. There are also cost-effective ways to cleaning up leaves like mulching vs full leaf removal. Don’t get me wrong, every leaf does not have to be removed! A combination of mulching and bagging usually does the trick!

Have any questions or need services? Call Sky’s Lawn and Landscape today! 901-235-3404

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